TraceMini® GPS Tracker

TraceMini® GPS Tracker

TraceMini® GPS Tracker

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 World's Smallest Tracking Device!!

  Small and Very Easy to Hide

 with the small shell and robust magnets you can hide it almost anywhere you want! cannot be seen and very efficient in tracking assets. With two powerful magnets inside, easy to attach to vehicle firmly 

  Easy to Install 

Our advanced TraceMini® GPS Spy Tracker is an incredibly small GPS Tracker making it simple for you to easily place the Mini GPS Spy almost anywhere. No wiring or installation required.

  Real-time Tracking Movement

 Our web tracking platform allows you to see the objects moving in real-time on the map. You can also get a history of all the locations the object has been to, routes taken, stops, parking and more.

 ✅ Works on All Sim Cards!

 The advance open line system so that you can use any simcard with no worries and hassle free!


What's in the box?

1 x GPS Tracker
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual


Product Description:

GPS type: GPS Tracker
GPS Module: GSM
Voltage: 3.4-4.2V DC
Model Name: Mini GPS Tracker
Out Power: AC 110-220V 50/60Hz
Item Size: 3.5cm*2.0cm*1.4cm (L*W*H)
Battery Life: 24Hours 400mAh Battery

 How to Use:

  1. Preparation: You need a SIM card and a mini memory card
  2. Boot: open the card cover according to the directions insert SIM card, mini memory card is inserted in, product will automatically switched on, the red light will blink 4 times and 30 seconds before entering the standby state.
  3. The indicator light: light is normally on four boot, low battery indicator light flash
  4. binding master number; using a mobile phone text 000 sent to alarm the locator number, then you will receive a message; The set; Binding + master number
  5. Separate recordings; using a mobile phone text 555 sent to alarm the locator number, after that you will then receive a message [Snd: record started]
  6. The voice control callback; using a mobile phone text 666 sent to alarm the locator number, after that you will then receive a message [DT; has been successfully set sound monitor, alarm telephone callback]
  7. When the sound of the alarm locator around more that 40 db, alarm locator will automatically call set phone number in advance.


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